My trip to Lapland

11/29/2021 1

When you are themer or have a business online, traveling becomes so much easier! There is no more restriction to ask your boss for permission, […]

Hello Kitty Island at Jeju

09/06/2019 0

After visiting the Hello Kitty Island at N Seoul Tower,  I finally made the jump to Jeju for the famous Hello Kitty Island. It’s a must […]

Samsung d’light

09/02/2019 0

If there is a popular brand i like from South Korea, it’s clearly Samsung ! And that’s good because there’s an exhibition in Seoul specially […]

Hello Kitty beauty Spa Dubai

12/17/2018 0

As I was going to attend the Hello Kitty run in Dubai, I took the opportunity to also enjoy the Hello Kitty beauty spa ! Unlike running, […]