Hello Kitty Trip To Brazil

I have a very good friend who is fluent in Portuguese and it is really essential because few people speak English in Brazil. Both of us like to travel and we thought it was an opportunity to go to Brazil because she loves Brazilian culture and music and i knew there were Hello Kitty places in Brazil!

So If you are looking for places to buy Hello Kitty stuff in Brazil, everything is located in São Paulo and precisely in Liberdade, which is the Japanese district.

First, we started our visit at Hello Kitty and friends 2D Eatasia cafe. The theme is Hello Kitty and her friends in black and white. Everything was designed by the talented Carol Wang. I love what she did.

Hello kitty and friends 2d by eat asia

The facade is really cute with the Hello Kitty ears and her bow upstairs. There is the classic status Hello Kitty with which we can obviously take pictures.

When you enter in the Hello Kitty cafe, there is the ground floor with a showcase of all the pastry available and all exclusive Hello Kitty cafe merchandises.

There are several mugs, Hello Kitty plushies, figurines, tote bags, caps and sweatshirts. I found the prices very adorable and I bought mugs and soft toys for friends.

After the ground floor, there are 2 floors. The stairs are decorated with Hello Kitty and friends paintings.

On the first floor you can take pictures with a Van Hello Kitty and a small armchair with a dummy Hello Kitty library on background and of course you can sit down to eat or drink.

Then, to access the top floor, the stairs are always very cute!

And again, you can see the Hello Kitty goodies if you missed them on the ground floor.

There are a lot of tables available. I wish the chairs were better decorated with more Hello Kitty like a bow.

Then me and my friend settled on one of the tables with sofa which was very comfortable.
On the menu there are many Asian dishes but also classics like burger and french fries.

We decided to order the mini burgers because we were not very hungry.

After the Hello Kitty 2d Eat Asia Cafe, we went to the Hello Kitty Eat Asia. It seems to me that there are 3 or 4 but we saw just one because we thought that the concept must be identical for each.

The entrance of the Hello Kitty Eat Asia is much more colorful than the Hello Kitty 2d and is just as cute and gives a catering restaurant vibe.

On the menu, you can clearly see all the dishes that are in the effigy of Hello Kitty but I found the prices relatively expensive.

You can check my reel on Instagram to check the inside of the Hello Kitty eat Asia: here.
You can also find Hello Kitty stuff in Miniso, kmart and some other random stores in Liberdade. If you want to ask me about them, you can comment or get in touch with me on Instagram.

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