Hello Kitty Cafe Primark in Edinburgh

Primark surprised us this year with a huge Hello Kitty collection but also a Pop up Hello Kitty Cafe on the occasion of Hello Kitty’s 50 years! Hello Kitty cafes are only open in a few cities in UK like Birmingham, Manchester Market Street, Manchester Trafford, Edinburgh and Braehead stores and run through June, 8th 2024.

At first, I was thinking to go to the one in Manchester and then I thought it was the right time to go to Edinburgh for a change! The city of Edinburgh is relatively very expensive but fortunately the Hello Kitty cafe keeps the same prices everywhere. Before Hello Kitty, I didn’t even know Primark had cafes so it’s a first to me. I decided to go there a bit earlier before lunch, towards the end of the morning. I was afraid there would be too many people and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it the way I wanted.

Hello Kitty Cafe is signposted at the entrance of the store, then at the escalators and floors so it is almost impossible to get lost. However, I did not find the toilet! Haha.

Some items of the Hello Kitty collection were available in the store, although a little less well stocked than the one in London or may be sold out. It’s a shame that in 2024, Primark still does not allow online sales though.

The menu is indicated at the entrance, on the counter, on the small leaflets and you can also find it online. There are only a few choices, but i guess it allows fast preparation of dishes. I think that the prices are affordable compared to the Hello Kitty Artbox cafe in Brighton, not too expensive but also not cheap but the dishes are not decorated in the same way. I would say that the Hello Kitty cafe in Brighton is cuter with pastel colors while the Hello Kitty cafe from Primark has red, blue and yellow tones that are the colors of classic Hello Kitty.

There was no crowd so we could sit right in front of the big Hello Kitty wall where I could take a picture.

You directly make and pay your order at the counter. So I ordered the Karaage chicken, strawberry waffle Hello Kitty which were simple but yummy, and the strawberry bubble tea which was super refreshing and not too sweet. In terms of tastes, I prefer this Hello Kitty cafe but as I said the decoration of the dishes are cuter at the Hello Kitty artbox cafe. For example, I was a little disappointed that the Hello Kitty waffle didn’t have her shape! But maybe I’m picky because I’ve already visited many Hello Kitty cafes in the past like the Hello Kitty cafe in Mexico that was super pretty!

Hello Kitty Strawberry waffle and Hello Kitty strawberry boba
Karaage chicken

As for the decoration, there is a lot of space to take pictures but the classic Hello Kitty statue was missing. And it would have been nice to offer exclusive Hello Kitty merchandises that you can only find in this Hello Kitty cafe like Hello Kitty pins or Hello Kitty key chains. I think it would have probably attracted more people.

Nevertheless, I still liked this Hello Kitty cafe Primark and the staff was super nice! I would say that if you are around it is nice to have a cute time and eat some cute snacks in this Hello Kitty cafe.
I hope you liked this article and if so you can find more of my Hello Kitty trips.

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