How to add Hello Kitty animated lockscreen widget to iOS16 and above

•Iphone/Ipad on iOS16 and above
•Download Top Widgets on Appstore [free]

1. Firstly download Top Widgets on Appstore
2. Download this gif or your own gif (For more effectiveness the gif must be white with transparency)
3. Then open Top Widgets app
4. Go on iOS17 tab and click on one of the animated symbol

5. Select Gif in your photos app then click on save widgets

6. Now go on your lockscreen, hold the screen then click on personnalize

7. Choose your lockscreen page

8. Then add the Top widgets in the list of your widgets

9. Click on current widget to choose your animation

10. Enjoy your animated widgets on lockscreen!

Hope this tutorial helped you and you can also check more tutorials for iOS here.

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