How to install Hello Kitty Stickers for facebook and Messenger


For ROOT phones :

1) Download this file
2) Extract with an unarchive app
3) Open your File Explorer and Copy past the folder in /Storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.facebook.katana/files/stickers
4) Open Facebook or Messenger, and click on Sticker emoticon in comment
5) Click “+” and go in “all”
6) Download Hello Kitty Stickers
7) Now u can use Hello Kitty stickers in Facebook and Messenger 🙂

For NO ROOT phones :

The easiest way :

1) Download and install Fake GPS from playtore
2) Enable fake GPS in your developer options/fake localization
3) In your Location option, enable only GPS
4) Now open Fake GPS and tape USA or any town in USA and click enter
5) Go on browser and click this adress : to see if you are located in USA
6) If yes, then open Facebook, and click on Sticker emoticon in comment
7) Click “+” and go in “all”
8) Download Hello Kitty Stickers and do the same process for messenger
9) Enjoy

If the first method didn’t work, try this one :

1) Install Openvpn and Openspider from playstore
2) Launch Openspider and select USA server
3) Click accept to continue the connecting process
4) It opens openvpn profile
5) Then click connect
6) When it s connected, Stop making your Facebook work by going in settings/apps/ then click on close or stop button
7) Open Facebook, and click on Sticker emoticon in comment
8) Click “+” and go in “all”
9) Download Hello Kitty Stickers
10) Enjoy

P.S : this tutorial doesn’t work if you have created your facebook account with a phone number.


      • Hi miss potsy .. I just wanna ask if there any chance that you can fully theme my samsung galaxy j4+ ?? Because my friends told me that my phone dont have a theme store .. So it cannot be fully theme .. As i want to turn it into Hello kitty Bigbow .. I hope you read my message .. I’m Alyssalyn Tuazon if you ever read this .. Im a fan of your works but sad part not all your modded apps can aplly to my phone .. Thanks ..

        • Hello Alyssalyn ! I just inquired about your phone and unlucky it’s a very unpopular model. So there is no way to install a fully theme like on others Samsung phones cause there is no developers working on your phone. But if you have a laptop, i can help you to root (it will remove your guarantee) so you could use your default touchwiz launcher and theme some others default parts of your phone.

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