My trip to Taiwan For Hello Kitty 50th anniversary

Who would have thought that Taiwan is another paradise for Hello Kitty? So me and my friend who is also a fan of Hello Kitty Sandrine that I met a long time ago thanks to hello Kitty, decided to go to Taiwan for a Hello Kitty trip!

Day 1

The first thing we did when we arrived at the hotel in Taipei, was to look for the Hello Kitty easycard for public transports and we easily found some at the family mart next to the hotel. There are several designs of Hello Kitty easycards for her 50th anniversary and you can also find them in any 7-11.

Day 2

The next morning, we directly went to the Hello Kitty 50th anniversary exhibition at the Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park. I booked the ticket in advance on the KKday website that also came with a free Hello Kitty 50th figurine. (Unfortunately, the exhibition is over now).

Here we are at the entrance of the exhibition! We were super excited!

We were given a small Hello Kitty card that we have to color with stamps during the exhibition.

This photo shows all official Hello Kitty merchandises released for her 50th birthday and many are on sale in the shop at the end of the exhibition.

So we really enjoyed this visit! This was a fun interactive exhibition with cute games and plenty of opportunities to take cute pictures and videos.

At noon, we decided to lunch at the Hello Kitty 7-11. There must be a dozen 7-11 dedicated to Sanrio themes and we haven’t visited all of them. We went to the one that was closest, the one in Wanhua District.

The entrance is so adorable and when we get inside, we are greeted by a big Hello Kitty status!

7-11 is a convenience store for cheap food, snacks and drinks so it helps when you’re hungry but it’s not the healthiest food tho.

In this Hello Kitty 7-11, you can find snacks and goodies featuring Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody or Kuromi.

So we ordered a Hello Kitty bubble tea and ate hot dogs. Fortunately we had eaten a very hearty breakfast at the hotel but the food was okay tho.

Then we walked around the neighborhood which is very lively with many shops selling Hello Kitty goods. But I had the feeling that we could find some of the merch on Aliexpress or Temu.

We saw these Hello Kitty bomber jackets and of course I bought one!

Then we visited the Red Sakura Patisserie which sells Hello Kitty cookies. We bought a few and they are all delicious!

We remembered that Mcdonald’s has a collab with Hello Kitty so we had dinner there! Frankly, if it wasn’t for Hello Kitty, I don’t think we would have taken these burgers because the sauce was a little weird for our taste.

Day 2

For the second day of our Hello Kitty trip, we decided to take the Hello Kitty metro at the Zhongzheng station in Taipei.

The machines to compost the transport tickets are decorated with Sanrio characters but it is not where you have to take the Hello Kitty metro. You must go to Tamsui-Xinyi Line or Red Line at Jiantan Station.

There is a small Hello Kitty shop to buy souvenirs of the Hello Kitty subway but you can also find these merch in a Sanrio shop. Plus It opens super late at noon.

It takes patience to be able to take the Hello Kitty subway! I think about a dozen subways came by before we finally got to the Hello Kitty metro.

We waited so long for Hello Kitty metro so we stayed until the terminus which then made the opposite way and finally we have left at the shopping center to go to the Sanrio store and Arnold Palmer store.

I was able to find some Hello Kitty 50th merch for my friend in the US and also some gifts for other friends.

I used to check the Hello Kitty Arnold Palmer purses on Taobao and seeing them in real life allowed me to realize the quality and how pretty they are!

I was finally able to buy the Hello Kitty fanny pack that I wanted for so long and so much cheaper than Taobao! I love it so much!

Day 3

Not much Hello Kitty this day but we went shopping at Funbox that sells cheap Hello Kitty stuff because the Komonoya Gift Shop was closed. And we came across a seller of Bubble Tea Hello Kitty!

For the 4th and 5th days, we made cultural excursions and we came across the store Lucy’s and Pigi!

Day 6

For our 6th day, we left Taipei for Lukang, making a stop at Hello Kitty Hukou, Hello Kitty Apple village and the Hello Kitty maternity.

Hello Kitty Hukou is a rest area in the middle of nowhere where you can stop for Hello Kitty shopping, eating and especially take cute pictures.

The small Sanrio store that sells different goods from the Sanrio in town.

There is a space where you can order food and sit down.

There is also a floor with a Hello kitty restaurant.

Once we had finished visiting the Hello Kitty Hukou, we left for the Hello Kitty Apple Village, a kind of super cute nursery restaurant Hello Kitty where we had our lunch.

When we went inside, we have to remove our shoes and we come across the cash register and a small shop that sells Hello Kitty Goodies. Then the staff comes to set us up. There are a lot of kids, that’s why I think it looks like a nursery but super cute tho.

You have to book in advance to be able to have lunch but me and my friend had no reservation but we were lucky because they still left us lunch without any booking.

The menu is not translated but someone from the staff helped us to translate and choose our dishes.

The dishes are cute and rather good. I didn’t like any Hello Kitty dish (I don’t like fish or seafood) so I chose a My Melody dish haha!

Once our belly was full, we took again the road to visit the Hello Kitty maternity which will also be our last Hello Kitty excursion for this day.

Since the time I wanted to see this Hello Kitty maternity, i still can’t believe i’ve seen it and it is the only one in the world tho!

It is still possible to visit the Hello Kitty maternity, but just the ground floor. You can not go upstairs and it is understandable tho.

You can see the signs that make you want to go up, but it’s not possible for us, it’s only for the medical staff and patiens. I’m still happy to have seen this Hello Kitty maternity even if it’s only the ground floor.

We devoted our 7th day to visit the city of Lukang so no Hello Kitty.

Day 8

On the occasion of the “2023 Salt Sculpture Art Festival” for the 400th anniversary of Tainan, seven unique salt sculptures have surrounded the Qigu Salt Mountain, featuring Hello Kitty and her friends. So we decided to stop there before our stop to Kaohsiung.

When we finished admiring the sculptures, we went into the store to buy lunch and there was a small Hello Kitty shop.

Day 9

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty, the Grand Hi-Lai hotel in Kaohsiung offered promotions for all Sanrio rooms so we took the opportunity to book Hello Kitty Elegant Parisian Chic room for one night.

When the staff welcomes us and made us visit the room, we were entitled to a picture that will be printed. Just a pity there was no Hello kitty mascot tho!

Here some cute freebies we got!

Small snacks offered that correspond to Hello Kitty and her friend’s favorite dishes!

These are toothbrushes, creams, shower gel etc…that we can take with us.

And they lend us cute Hello Kitty kimonos.

When we left the hotel, we were able to take the Hello Kitty shuttle bus that took us to Xin Zuoying high speed rail station. It must be booked in advance at the reception.

Last day

For the day of our departure at the Taichung airport, we had enough time to go to the Hello Kitty Lounge at the Terminal 2, Gate C3.

You can take pictures or go shopping at the Sanrio store.

This is also where I found the last Hello Kitty 50th stuff that was missing for my friend in the US.

This is the end of our Hello Kitty trip to taiwan, I hope you enjoyed it as i did! Taiwan is definitely the destination for all lovers of Hello Kitty for her 50th birthday! More Hello Kitty trips are coming soon on the blog so stay tuned! You can also follow me on insta for more videos of my Hello Kitty trips.

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