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Hi ! I’m Potsy ! Hello Kitty, pink and theming addict !
I’m theme maker for Samsung theme and third launchers, Modder for android Apps, and i theme all my devices since 2008. I can make custom font and other things ! I’m also Series us and dramas addict ! I like reading, girly cartoons, and high tech !
Find all my themes here, with my modded applications for android and many other.
I usually do Hello Kitty themes but i can also make custom for other characters or the design you want like One Piece, Molang, Pucca, Disney etc…
You can download free themes or modded apps and send a donation for some themes or apps with Paypal and bitcoin. Also due to the nature of the product, refund is not available !
If you share some themes or modded application from my blog, please give credits 🙂

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