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Please read the tutorial to disable TRIAL :

Free Themes

Just click on the picture to download free themes, if there is an ad page just go back to the previous page and wait to skip the ad.

Paid Themes
>Firstly try one of the free samsung themes and follow the tutorial to disable trial.


How to buy :

Kindly read my article about payment if you don’t know how to do here.
If you already have paypal or Bitcoin, please send me the amount of 5$ or 7$ for a custom theme to my Paypal Account.

My themes come with AOD, IRIS and NAV BAR.
You can also ask some edits to a pre-made theme, but you have to add an extra of 2$.
Please fill the order form to order your theme with the required informations. When it’s done just wait, you will receive your theme later 🙂

Custom Themes 7-8$

If you want to buy some of the custom themes, keep in mind they will be different of the screenshots cause i don’t sell the same !

Devices which support Samsung theme Store :
Galaxy Note5/8/9, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S7, Galaxy s8/S8+, Galaxy s9/S9+, Galaxy A8, Galaxy S5 Neo, Galaxy J5,
Galaxy J7, Note 8, some new phones of 2016 and ulterior and also some phones with custom S6, S7, note 5, note 7, Note 8/9 and s8/9 rom

Credits © to Sanrio

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