How to connect Watch Face Studio to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

So it’s been a few days, i have my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Rose Gold now and I am rather satisfied with it! It’s very smooth and intuitive. I thought the lack of bezel was going to make navigation more difficult but actually not at all. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes with Wear OS and no longer Tizen OS, so i had to convert my Hello Kitty watch faces with the new Watch Face Studio. The conversion was very easy, but i had a hard time to send my watch face on my Galaxy Watch 4. Finally after some research, I succeeded to install my Hello Kitty watch faces on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and it’s not that complicated, you don’t even need you phone!

Theoretically, there are two ways to install a watch face from the Watch Face Studio: By bluetooth or Wi-fi. But i’m only going to explain the method with Wifi since this is the one I managed to use.

On your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4:

-Be sure your Wi-fi is ON. Go in settings/connection and activate the Wi-fi
-Allow ADB debugging and Wi-fi debugging. Go in settings/About the phone and click 5 times on build number, then developer options will appear. Then click on it, and enable ABD debugging and Wi-fi debugging
-When you enable Wi-fi debugging, IP adress will display 192.168.x.xx:5555 so note it cause you will need it later.
-You’re done with the watch

On your laptop:

-Be sure to be connected to the same Wi-fi as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
-Download ADB on this link
-Now you have a Zip folder named platform-tools_r31.0.3-windows, Unzip it
-The folder is probably in your downloads folder so open CMD:

  1. Select the Start button.
  2. Type cmd.
  3. Click or tap Command Prompt from the list.

Now in the command:

  1. Tape cd C:\Users\User name\Downloads\platform-tools_r31.0.3-windows\platform-tools (replace user name by yours)
  2. Then adb connect 192.168.x.xx:xxxx (your IP adress)
  3. Be sure it’s connected

-Once it’s done, open Watch Face Studio, choose the project you want to use on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
-Click on Run on Device
-Scan devices
-And you should see Galaxy Watch4 displayed
-Click on it and wait

You’re done! Enjoy your watch faces!

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