How to use Hello Kitty Google AR

Google added a bunch of popular japanese characters you can interact with in AR and put into your environment. And a few weeks ago, they added Hello Kitty and she’s not alone, you can also find her friends Little Twin Stars, Pompompurin or Cogimyun. It only works on a modern smartphone.

And this how to use them on your phone:

  1. Be sure your smartphone is compatible. here is the list.
  2. You must have a browser installed on your phone
  3. You must install Google app
  4. Install ARcore Google services
  5. Once, you have all these apps installed, open your browser and search “Hello Kitty”
  6. Then click on “view in 3d”

7. Then click “view in AR”

8. And here you go, enjoy Hello Kitty in your space! You can move her and she also speaks! She’s so cute!

What other character would you like to see in Google AR?

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