My pink and Hello Kitty accessories for Ipad Mini 6

I am the happy owner of a rose gold ipad mini 6 since June and I love it! In this article, I’ll show you all the cute accessories I bought for iPad mini 6. But the first thing i did was obviously to put a Hello Kitty theme for IOS on it and you can find some free Hello Kitty themes for IOS on my blog.

This theme is basically from Samsung theme Store

Then, as with any new device, I ordered a tempered Glass screen protector and two cases to protect it, one like a regular case and a flip case cause i like diary style.

I like this journal style flip case. It was just a simple pink so i added some Hello Kitty stickers on it and also printed some transparent custom stickers with my Hello Kitty paperang printer. I like the outcome and the stickers make it more personal. It’s very convenient when i travel or move around and put it in my bag. But when I’m at home, it’s super annoying to write, read or draw, so i needed a simpler cover.

So i bought this clear Hello Kitty case which is cute and simple at the same time. There is a slot for the Apple Pencil but without being bulky. If i want to put it in my bag, i use a small pink pouch to protect the ipad mini 6 properly.

Speaking of Apple Pencil, I also found super adorable cases for it. I ordered this Apple Pencil case that looks like a pencil and it’s perfect to match with the Hello Kitty diary style case.

I also bought this cute pink case for Apple Pencil that comes with several caps.

I think the charger of the ipad mini 6 is simple and boring so I found this Hello Kitty cover to make it cuter and it perfectly fits. More characters are available like Kuromi or Mickey the mouse.

I use the ipad mini 6 a lot to write in my Hello Kitty digital planner with goodnotes and writing with a keyboard is more convenient. I had an obsession with typewriters so i wanted a retro keyboard in this style but most of them are too big. Luckily, i found the perfect keyboard, not too big nor small and pink! More colors are also available.
I love the noise when I type and the backlight. I feel like a writer when I type on this keyboard.

Ipad Mini 6 has no jack so I needed a bluetooth headset. Razer released a new Hello Kitty and friends headset for gamers so it was the best moment to order them. They’re a bit pricy but they’re super cute and pretty good quality though. The sound is correct and they’re very easy to pair on the ipad mini 6.

So these are all my cute accessories I use for my iPad mini 6 and if you like them, i put all the links for purchase below the pictures. And if you have other accessories for iPad mini 6 to recommend me, do not hesitate to tell me in comment or if you have any question, you can contact me on my instagram.

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