How to make a theme on Iphone/Ipad

I just got an ipad and how I love it! Obviously, my first reflex was to put a Hello Kitty theme on it and i’m going to explain you how in this tutorial! Since the iOS 14 update, Apple has added the ability to change icons and add widgets to the homescreen! This means that the jailbreak is no longer necessary to have a theme on the homescreen of Iphone or Ipad.


-Iphone or Ipad with iOS 14/15 ONLY
-You must install Shortcuts and Widgetsmith app from appstore

How to change icons on Iphone/Ipad

  1. Download Shortcuts on Appstore
  2. Open it, and click on ‘+’ on top then Open app
  3. Choose the app you want as shortcut
  4. Click on the arrow icon to add it on homescreen
  5. Choose the name you want for your shortcut
  6. Choose the picture you want as icon
  7. Click on Add
  8. You’re done with your first icon! Enjoy!

How to add widget on Iphone/Ipad

There are several Widgets app for Iphone/Ipad available on appstore but today i’m going to explain how to use Widgetsmith.
There are 4 sizes available as widget: small, medium, large and extra large but the process is the same for the 4 sizes.

  1. Download Widgetsmith on Appstore
  2. Open it and set up your widget
  3. Choose a size, the template and the picture for your widget
  4. Back to the homescreen, hold the screen and click on “+” on top left
  5. Then scroll and click on Widgetsmith
  6. Add the size you themed a while ago
  7. You’re done! Enjoy to make your own widget by yourself now!

I hope this tutorial helped you! I will surely make more tutorials since i’m still exploring my Ipad mini 6 so stay tune and check regularly my tutorials for Iphone/Ipad.

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