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If you follow me on my Instagram, so you probably already know my love for planners and journaling! For 2022, i decided to back on bullet journal. So to make my experience with my bujo funnier, i use pocket printers! I got my very first one in 2017 LG pocket printer PD239 and i loved it so much but he’s getting old! So I made the aquisition of 3 new printers and each has its own use.

Pekoko printer (turned over)

The first one is the Pekoko printer, a small color inkjet printer using Pekoko app on smartphone and connected via bluetooth.
Actually, i was looking for an affordable printer that looks like the mobile printer by We R Memory Keepers, and i found the Pekoko.
It’s a cute printer but it is laborious to use it since there is no marker to align but i found a tip even though it’s never accurate. Also it takes several attempts before having a nice look but i will love it more with more practise for sure and after exploring it properly! I asked help to the customer service on Whatsapp but they barely reply.
The ink is pretty good and i use it when i’m lazy to make stickers with my silhouette portrait since it prints directly on my bullet journal but it must be a flat surface. I don’t understand why they added a lady talking when it prints but luckily if I turn down the volume of my phone, I don’t hear it anymore.

So that’s how the app looks and it doesn’t require to log in so it’s a good point for me. It allows to print text, bar code, Qr code, line etc…It can print in length to infinity! I’ve seen a video where a girl printed a whole text! But the height is limited to 3 or 4 cm, so the images are very small. It is perfect for printing washi tapes by importing your own images, texts as well as titles but the possibilities are limited though, the available fonts are not cute and sometimes, the printing is non-uniform colors, i noticed some red spots.

-it’s light and cute
-The ink is correct
-Cheaper than the printer of We R Memory Keepers
-No need to log in

-No black ink
-Ink is pricy
-No marker so hard to align
-Bad customer service on Whatsapp

Mi mija Printer AR

The second one is my Mi mija printer AR, it’s a game changer! Now i can literally see videos in my bujo with it! I just must download the app Xiaomi home, then i choose a video and print it and with the scan in the app, i can watch the video in my bujo! Yeah, i know, why not just watch the video on my phone? Well, once i’m done with my bujo, i will archive it and will read it later in 4 or 5 years. By then, I will have more photos, more videos and maybe I wouldn’t remember that moment. It works with any zink paper, sticker or just normal. The quality is not the best but it does the job! I only use it to print pictures since the paper is like paper picture.

This is the look of the app, very basic. It just allows to print pictures or videos and make photo collages. So you need a third app like line camera to decorate the picture first.

With the scan feature in the app, i can watch the video over the picture.

-The price! It’s cheap! I got mine for around 60$
-Very light
-No need ink, just any zink paper

-Quality of the picture
-The sound
-The app is just basic

Hello Kitty Paperang printer

My Third and last printer, also my favorite and the one i use the most: My Hello Kitty Paperang. I love it so much! I print everything and anything with it but especially what I like the most: quotes. It’s a thermal printer and it just prints in black on paper that looks like cash paper, but depending of the paper, it can also print in pink or blue ink. There are also many different papers available in several colors like pink, purple, blue, yellow, pastel or even transparent and different types of papers stickers, or just normal paper. I use it to print quotes, trackers, pictures, mini calendars for my dailies, but also to print labels for orders from my shop and many more.

Like other printers, it works with an app you must download on your phone and connected via bluetooth.

But the good thing with this app is that it offers so many possibilities and it includes templates!

You can also share your own images with other people but also find and print those of others!

-The price 36$
-It has Hello Kitty design
-No need ink
-Papers are cheap
-The app is good but can still be better
-The customer service is awesome! Paperang is super active on Instagram and they always share my stories on theirs.

-No color but it’s not a big deal as you can color on the white paper
-The sound
-No selection of several pictures in same time to print

We R Memory Keepers Printer

After a few months, i sent back the Pekoko Printer! Finally, after some uses, it’s not that good for printing on my Bujo. But my friend from US was so sweet and sent me the We R Memory Keepers printer and i love it so much! I use it every day! So much better than the Pekoko Printer!

It works with bluetooth and requires to download the app PrintMaker available on Playstore and on Apple store but you can also use the web version to upload your files. It’s very easy to use it! There is a flash that allows you to know where it will print and I also use a ruler for more precision but the flash is already helpful ! You can print any design to 2cm max in height and infinitely for the width on any support and it’s perfect to print washi tapes! I also use it to print titles in calligraphy as i suck at it for now!

So that’s how the app looks on my phone:

It can only be used in landscape mode and too bad we can’t use it in portrait mode! You can organize your files by collection. There is also a store with digital stickers available! I have downloaded a few but rarely use them.

And here some stuff i printed (Sanrio washi tape and texts since my lettering is ugly)

Texts printed in my Bullet Journal
Sanrio Washi tape printed in my Bujo

-The price 250$ in France but you can easily find for 80$ on ebay and only in US
-Ink cartridge is expensive but you can also find for 15$ on ebay US only
-The flash allowing to know where to print is just genius!
-The app is good but can still be improved
-The customer service is super reactive! I sent them an email for an issue (fake alert) and they replied the next day

-To quibble, I would say it’s a bit bulky
-The cheapest prices are only available for US
-The printed colors are faded when printing

Phomemo M110 printer

To thank us for the commercial Samsung theme that we did, Phomemo sent me this Phomemo M110 printer as a gift. And after testing it, I love it! It is in the same style as the Paperang, a thermal printer which only prints in black but much more complete with more features!

As usually, The phomemo M110 works with bluetooth. You must download the print maker app on their website to pair it with your phone. Surprisingly, it’s also compatible with Windows and Mac.

So that’s how the app looks when you open it. You can create a new label and even choose the label paper style but first you have to buy the corresponding paper label to make it work.

There are a lot of possibilities thanks to the different paper formats: round, square, rectangle, transparent, pink, blue etc…

The application is complete enough to do everything on it. The only missing function i see is to draw.

I chose a round label paper and the finish of the print is pretty good quality! The black is black and not grained as on the Paperang printer sometimes.

You can print barcodes, stickers or excel tables. Moreover, you can also import excel files. This is very useful when you have an online business.

-The price is 60$ and in my view, it’s worth it. You can also have 10% off with code promo LP on their website. Phomemo also has cheaper thermal printers if you can’t afford the Phomemo M110, not sure they have the same features though.
-Multiple paper thermal style choices
-Multiple color choices
-The app is pretty complete
-The customer service is average. I talked with them on Aliexpress and I had trouble making myself understood

-Papers are expensive on the official website but you can find cheaper on Aliexpress-
The application although complete is not ergonomic

That’s all with my printers! I hope this article has helped you if you are looking for a pocket printer! But if you know other printers that worth it, don’t hesitate to put it in comment!

P.S: Since the beginning of 2023, I have switched to digital planner.

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