How To Fix Nvidia Driver Crashing Issues

Since I’m on my new computer, Microsoft Surface Book 2, I love it so much ! But I had to meet some BSOD issues due to the NVIDIA driver :


Some tutorials say to uninstall and reinstall the NVIDIA driver ! Well this advice sucks and won’t fix your issue at all ! Luckily, I managed to fix by myself.

1. Check where does the error come from 

You must download this app named Whoscrasched. It allows to extract the minidump logs in order to obtain possible information about the origin of Windows crashes.

2. Be sure, you use the last version of the NVIDIA graphic card 

Yes, it’s very important cause with Microsoft update, my graphic card stucked on an old version ! So i directly downloaded the Geforce Experience from the Nvidia website ! Once, you’re done to download, it will detects the last version of your NVIDIA for your computer !

3. Cleaning your registry

Sometimes the driver can be in conflict with an old one that has been installed.
So you must download CCleaner to clean everything that mess up your system! Or try registrar registry manager

4. Disable the sleep

Yes, it drains the battery, but sometimes when you pull out the standby computer, the driver does not load and causes an error.

5. If you still encounter issues, here is an other tip :

1. Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), it’s free
2. Restart your laptop in safe mode then launch DDU, choose uninstall and reboot
3. When it’s done, download Resplendence Software – Registrar Registry Manager Free Home Edition
4. Go on search tab then tape NVIDIA (actually it’s probably these keys which give issues)
5. So delete all of them, excepted those with 3D softwares or games
6. Restart
7. Download and install the last NVIDIA drivers (Don’t install Nvidia Geforce experience)
8. test


I updated my windows to 1909 version, and i was facing new issues with my NVIDIA graphic card. Sometimes, it just disapears or disconnect !

So here my fix :

1- Uninstall everything as mentioned in previous steps
2- Download the latest version of your NVIDIA driver
3- Go in Devices Manager and update again your NVIDIA

4- When it’s done, you will see a new icon in your taskbar. It will allow you to know if the NVIDIA graphic card is still in process or disconnect and also what app is using it

5- Now go into your NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, click on manage 3d and use this setup :

-Select the preferred graphics processor for this program : High-performance NVIDIA processor

Settings and under global settings change the following :

-Power management model – prefer maximum performance
-Threaded optimization – off
-Triple buffering – off
-Vertical sync – off
-Maximum pre-rendered frames – 3

6-Sleep may cause NVIDIA to be disconnected so disable it as mentionned before. But if you think it drains too much the battery, just detach and reattach the screen of your surface, it will make it back.

Well, since I made those adjustement, everything’s fine so far ! If you have others tips, don’t hesite to comment !

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