How to install font on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/5 Wear OS

For Updated ONE UI 5, check this tutorial.

-Your smartphone and your Galaxy Watch Wear OS
Zfont 3
Apk extractor
Easy Fire Tools

  1. Choose your font in .ttf and install it with Zfont 3 on your phone by following this tutorial.
  2. Download Apk extractor, open it and search for the apk of your font, then click on it to extract the apk.
  3. Finally sideload the apk of your font with Easy fire tool on your Galaxy Watch Wear OS by following this tutorial:
  4. Once you’re done to sideload the font in your Galaxy Watch, go in your settings/display/font
  5. Then select SamsungSans
  6. Enjoy! If you’re looking for the cutest fonts, check Ada font or Gs font.





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