What is NFT and how to buy?

As you may know, i did my very first NFT and you can already buy it on Rarible.

But what is an NFT?

NFT means non-fungible token and uses the technology of blockchain to create something that is unique and can’t be replaced in the digital world. NFT allows the owners to prove they own it.
It is something like a certificate of authenticity. This means that even if you could right-click and save that image on your computer, only the owner could proof its property, and everyone else would be able to verify who is the actual owner using blockchain technology. It’s a concept i really like since i got many issues with themes before by selling them outside the store. A lot of resellers and scammers edited or resold my works. And there was nothing I could do to stop them. Once a theme is sold, I had no control over it. NFT is issued from a source and each transaction or transfer of ownership is recorded in the blockchain so you can basically track the entire history of any NFT since there is no way to modify past records.

What are the properties of an NFT?

  1. Unique
    Each NFT has unique properties that are stored in metadata as a token on the blockchain.
  2. Indivisible
    It cannot be divided into small parts or decimals. So you cannot buy a fraction of the NFT.
  3. Scarce
    While you could easily right-click and save the image of the $1.3 million rock, there’s only one definitive actual version that is sitting in this some guy’s wallet. The scarcity aspect makes NFT an attractive asset
  4. Ownership
    An NFT can only have one owner at any one time, when you buy an NFT, you purchase the exclusive ownership of a particular digital asset. It’s a little like buying an autographed version of the jpg, but anyone can view the work, save it on their computer and reshare them on the internet.
    But your ownership can be verified on the blockchain
  5. Transferrable
    NFT can be transferrable to another person via the blockchain. Which means you can buy and sell it.
    Each transaction would be recorded on the blockchain so you would be able to backtrack and trace it

Why do people buy NFT?

  1. Collectability
    Some people just like the art and some want to support the artists. NFT democratizes the digital art market as much as possible, gives way to experimenters and innovators. Also with NFT, anyone can become a collector since there are NFT for any budget.
  2. Investing
    Some people would also invest in NFTs for the technology and for what it will bring them in the futur. As owner, if you resell a NFT, you can have royalty and be paid a certain percentage every time NFT is sold. An opportunity to invest in an increasingly popular asset.
  3. Trading aka flipping
    You can make money just by buying and selling NFT.
  4. Metaverse
    Metaverse is the futur and NFT will play a crucial role, as it will enable metaverse. Having a plot, a costume, or a virtual object is now possible thanks to NFT.

How to buy?

To be able to buy an NFT on Rarible, there are 2 ways and I will explain to you step by step the process to achieve it.

  1. With your Metamask wallet

Your Metamask wallet will automatically connect to Rarible, at the top right you will find your wallet number and profile.
Click on Buy for 0.009 ETH, a second window will open.

Be sure to have enough ETH crypto in your wallet to make the transaction.

2. With Credit card

2.1. You can also buy crypto with your card by clicking “Add funds with VISA”
the crypto will be immediately paid into your wallet.

2.2. Your metamask wallet address will already be entered by default to be checked

2.3. Select payment method

2.4. Two payment options are available

2.5. Check the box at the bottom and then next to validate

2.6. Enter all the informations then validate

2.7. Select “Pay with VISA”, then the full details of the transaction will appear.

2.8. Click “I understand, continue”

2.9. The amount is displayed automatically and validate

2.10. Choose your country and enter your phone number.
You will receive a code to confirm your purchase

Congratulations you are the owner of the NFT!

And if you have issue or still need help, don’t hesitate to contact us on our twitter.

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