Tweaks for my Iphone on iOS 11.3.1

So my iphone is now using Electra Jailbreak! It’s so cool this hard and fast work Coolstar did on it ! Unlucky most of tweaks i used on iOS 10.3.3 are no longer compatible ! So it’s my new list of tweaks i use now and compatible with iOS 11.


-Status bar :

  • Zeppelin : It changes the icon carrier
  • Alkalin : It customizes your battery icon
  • Ekg signal + : Fixes the color of  icons on statusbar (Thanks to @Softiceprecious for the tip !)

-Springboard :

  • Anemone : Install themes, Icons, somes statusbar icons,  as well
  • Springtomize 4 : It customize most parts of your device like the font, icons, lockscreen etc…(30% working)
  • Box 3 : custom layout for icons
  • BorderIcon + : Adds border color when u open folder

-Lockscreen :

  • LockglyphX : Gives the Apple Pay confirmation animation to the Lock screen
  • Lockplus : Install lockscreen theme !

I’m switching between both okay ! I don’t use them in same time of course !

-Keyboard :

  • Ikeywi 3 : Add row numbers at the top of the keyboa
  • Imageboard : Add wallpaper in the keyboard
  • Nudekeys : Change text color of the keyboard

I’m switching between both okay ! I don’t use them in same time of course !

-Control center :

  • CCmodule : Add new toggles on the control center

-Notification control

-other :

  • Filza File Manager 64-bit : the best file explorer
  • Eclipse X : To change the color UI of every app
  • Icleaner : Clean your iphone

-For hack :

  • Flex 3 : find some hacks and make yours
  • App cake : Download paid app from App store for free
  • App admin : Downgrade the version of an app from Appstore

Unlucky Cydown is not updated and not compatible for iOS 11! So sad :/

As usually performance is my priority ! So as long as i can customize the iphone without it slowing down, everything is okay. This list of tweaks is exhautive and can be updated.


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