Tweaks for my Iphone on iOS 10.3.3

It’s been a while since I managed to jailbreak my iphone and it’s only been a few days since I managed to install a theme ! The jailbreak world is new for me as i always used android since 2009 ! So i had to inquiry a lot about it to be able to do on iphone, what i do on android ! It seems that the xda forum for android is the Reddit forum for jailbroken iphones ! So all i want to know, i’m going to check on this forum by following #jailbreak and #IOSthemes. I’m still a little frustrated because there are many tweaks that haven’t been updated for a while ! But whatever i’m not going to complain too much ! Only now i noticed that theming applications like facebook, whatsapp or Wechat was possible on old iOS version by finding blogs of unactive iphone themers ! But whatever iOS evolves in the same way as Android does ! So it’s probably become harder or not possible anymore as the last theme for app i saw dated of 2014 !

Android and Iphone are so different ! But it seems like the jailbreak makes the iphone cooler !

Here are the tweaks i installed from Cydia for now :

-Status bar :

  • Zeppelin : It changes the icon carrier
  • Alkalin : It customizes your battery icon
  • Ekg signal + : Fixes the color of  icons on statusbar (Thanks to @Softiceprecious for the tip !)

-Springboard :

  • Iconbundles : It changes the icons of your springboard through winterboard
  • Winterboard : It allows you to install themes


  • Anemone : Install themes, Icons, somes statusbar icons,  as well

Don’t use both !

  • Springtomize 4 : It customize most parts of your device like the font, icons, lockscreen etc…
  • Box 3 : custom layout for icons
  • BorderIcon + : Adds border color when u open folder

-Lockscreen :

  • LockglyphX : Gives the Apple Pay confirmation animation to the Lock screen
  • Lockplus : Install lockscreen theme !

I’m switching between both okay ! I don’t use them in same time of course !

-Control center :

  • CCWallcustomizer : Add a wallpaper to your control center
  • FlipcontrolCenter : Add features to your control center

-Notification control

  • NCWallCustomize : Add a wallpaper to your notification control

-Keyboard :

  • Ikeywi3 : Add row number to your default keyboard
  • Imageboard : Add a wallpaper to your default keyboard
  • Nudekeys : So i can change the color text of the keyboard with imageboard applied

-Passcode :

  • Faces pro : Customize the circle of your passcode

-other :

  • Filza : the best file explorer
  • Eclipse 4 : To change the color UI of every app
  • BundleIDs : To easily find the bundle ID of any app on your device, system and user
  • Icleaner pro : Clean your iphone
  • Battsaver : Save your battery by unactivate wifi, data and other things when your phone is inactive

-For hack :

  • Flex 2 : find some hacks and make yours
  • Cydown : Install any paid tweaks for free
  • App Admin : Add tweaks for your apps in App Store
  • App cake : Download paid app from App store for free


As usually I try to use as little as possible extra third apps ! Performance is my priority ! But if you have any good tweaks to advise, please comment ! 😀





  1. Please po pashare nman po ng hello kitty apps nyo fb,messenger, themes for oppo a83 super ganda po tlga..

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