How to install Samsung Health Monitor on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

So as you know, Samsung released the last Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 on August 2020 and got new features as ECG and blood pressure. It can sound crazy but i read several stories about how it saved lives. And in our pandemic context, I thought these new functions can be very useful so i decided to upgrade my smartwatch to Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

But what a disappointment when i finally got it and noticed ECG and blood pressure are still not available in my country (France) because they require FDA approval. Luckily, by waiting an update, there is a way to install them manually and i’m going to explain you how!

ECG and blood pressure features are only avaible for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, so be sure to have a compatible smartwatch.

1) You must download and install these apps:
-Samsung health
-Samsung health monitor (SHM1.1.0.XXX.apk)
APK4TPK_installer_attempt_V1.apk (Allows to install Samsung health monitor on your phone)

2) Open Samsung health monitor and allow authorizations

3) Here we go, enjoy!

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