Hello Kitty Bubble Tea In Chatime London

Taiwanese bubble tea brand Chatime has collaborated with Sanrio for its first ever partnership. And it has been launched on 16th November 2018 only in UK. So you guess it, I have travelled there just to test this cute drink !

The new collaboration has seen the creation of two Hello Kitty drinks : Tiramisu Milk Tea and Apple Pie Green Tea Mousse. The drinks are inspired by Hello Kitty’s favourite food and drink: Mama’s apple pie and milk and they cost £4.85 so they are enough affordable.

So i was to the Chatime in Piccadilly and it was a cute but very small place.

We went there in the early afternoon and we were lucky because the place was empty ! We were the only ones !

So i chosed the Tiramisu Milk Tea with mango and I picked it hot because the weather was cold ! I think i should have chosed the Apple Pie Green Tea Mousse because i didn’t really like the taste of the tiramisu ! But these are just my tastes ! I still enjoyed the cute place and more the Japan Center  where you can find many Hello Kitty stuff was not very far ! If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to come, it lasts until the stock runs out !

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