How to theme the status bar (SystemUI) on Samsung OREO without root ?

When it’s about customization of the phone, Samsung is not bad as it already included full theme. But compared to chinese phones like oppo, vivo or Xiaomi, you can’t yet theme the status bar ! Before, you always need to be rooted to theme the status bar with xposed. Yes there were also some third apps but no way for me to use them ! Luckily, we have a great communauty of dev working on Samsung phones to make some good mods for Status Bar !

First of all you need these apps to make the mods work properly :

-Substratum Theme engine

The plugin Andromeda is a paid app and lucky me a few weeks ago Google offered me a 5$ coupon to buy apps on Google playstore. So it was a good timing for me to test this paid app. And unlucky because of the licence required when you open the app, you won’t be able to use it, if you don’t buy it from playstore. But actually i think it’s worth it as it can also apply overlay on third apps !


Basically, i was just looking for a way to center my clock ! But this app has so much more features !

• Allow to change the status bar clock position: left, right, or center.
• Choose whether the clock shows up on the lockscreen or not.
• Change the clock color and format and also add date (but i still didn’t figure out how to make it display)
• Change the clock font.

Additional Features
Here’s some more stuff it can do:
• Theme the status bar icons and also add new colors.
• Display custom text on the left side of the status bar.
• Move the notification icons to the right of the status bar.
• Move the network icons to the left of the status bar.
• Add a custom image for your Quick Settings background.
• Enable rounded recents.
• Customize the Quick Settings tiles.
• And more small customizations!

These features are in the free version and are in my view enough, but if you want to hide the status bar icons from the lockscreen and set a custom image for the toggles quick settings, you must buy the pro version.


How to install ?

  • So you start to explore the features and enable what you want.

  • When you’re done, just click on the round yellow button with the paint icon.
  • It will build your settings and then it will install k-klock.
  • Open K-clock and choose again what you want.
  • Then click again the round yellow button, it will install.
  • Restart !

  • Enjoy !

Substratum custom navbar overlay

How to install ?


  • Select what you want to overlay


  • Install


  • Now go in Manager and select your changes

  • Restart and enjoy !

Yes i hear you, “i want the status barrr Kitty ! Howwww poo ?” It’s simple. (Actually you can only edit the signal bar)

  1. Download and open apkeditor
  2. Full edit
  3. Scroll until “Custom Navbar Overlays”
  4. In the bottom bar, select “folders”
  5. Then click on “assets/overlays”/
  6. Change the icons by those you want
  7. When you’re done, click on “build” on top right
  8. Uninstall the original app
  9. And download the new one and do again the previous step about install
  10. Enjoy

@Credits to Switiz



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