How to be fashion with Hello Kitty

I m more a nerd than a fashionista so i can t really teach you how to be fashion ! Lol But those who follow me on instagram know how i like to buy Hello Kitty stuff ! I have fashion and trendy Hello Kitty bags, cute clothes and stylish shoes as well ! Most of people think Hello Kitty is for baby ! And yes it’s for baby, but also for teenage, young woman, working girl and Grandma as well ! All depends on what you choose to wear ! I want to show you that you can wear Hello Kitty stuff without being childlish ! You can wear Hello Kitty clothes and stay stylish ! I have a very soft style of outfits ! I like to be natural and confortable in my shoes ! I just buy what i want when i want ! So here some of products i collected to look fashion, cute and adult as well. Yes some items are very pricey but you know what ? It’s better to privilege quality than quantity !




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