Hello Kitty Itunes for Macbook

The day i switched to Macbook pro, I never go back to windows ! But who knows ? So i just updated my Macbook pro that was stuck on Mavericks to Sierra ! And i also updated some components : my RAM from 8go to 16go and my SSD of 250go to 1TO, and probably my battery soon ! So the itunes is also updated and of course there is no theme anymore for the last version ! So i just decided to mod it like i did before for itunes 10.

How to install :

  1. Firstly go in Applications/itunes/Contents/Resources and back up your original assets.car
  2. Then download the file by clicking the picture
  3. Be sure you updated to the version or any last version of Itunes 12
  4. Copy past the file in Applications/itunes/Contents/Resources
  5. Then it’s done ! Enjoy

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