The day Cheetah Mobile invited me in Beijing

It all started with an email they sent me in November 2017 to ask me to promote their apps and saying they like my works ! I thought it was fake cause i couldn’t believe it ! Then finally i began to make themes for them. And at the begining of january, they invited me as VIP designer for the meetup of CM designers in Beijing. I was too excited as i have always been fascinated by China and it was also an opportunity for me to visit Beijing !


So they make us visit the headquarter. From what i saw this company is really cool from the outside ! People are very kind. there are a lot of indoor entertainment like a gym, karaoke, or water slide ! I never saw that in any firm ! But for sure a company with a US$483.7 Million turnover has to work a lot ! and I think that’s why there’s all this entertainment, gym, karaoke, ballet to allow employees to relax !

And a slide ??? Can you imagine ?? It was fun though, you can watch the full video on youtube to see how i enjoyed it !

I’m with Chip, the Cheetah Mobile Mascot !

There were awards for the best designers and the best teams. It was interesting to see what kind of themes are the most popular and who did them ! They also gave us so many goodies ! I super liked !

And there I met some pro designers from 10 different countries around the world ! They were so inspiring ! And for the first time i knew it’s possible to make a living as themer ! But it won’t be easy as their level is very high and I am very far from reaching them ! You also need a very good strategy to survive as themer as most of them are very good, you must have other skills they haven’t or must be very creative and original ! So i have still a lot to learn and improve ! But i won’t give up ! Fighting !

I don’t consider myself as a pro designer so I was very flattered and very grateful by the invitation ! Especially because I know many Hello Kitty themers in the game longer than me who haven t this opportunity.

Finally visiting Cheetah Mobile was a great experience and people from there are all talented and work very hard ! I felt very small but I learned a lot from this meetup ! And i will obviously apply what they teached me !

I was not going to miss this opportunity to visit very popular chineese monuments and have fun ! You can watch my full trip here :

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