How to have a pink and Hello Kitty Google Chrome (Laptop)

When i’m not using my phone, it means i’m in front of my computer ? ! And of course i want Hello Kitty everywhere ! Especially when i use the browser and i only use Chrome now ! I think it’s the best and fast browser, but it’s better in pink and Hello Kitty of course !

So how to do ?

-Firstly, you can find some Hello Kitty themes on Chrome Web Store and on ThemeBeta ! They personnalize the menu toolbar, navbar, applications window and when you open your Chrome browser.

Hello Kitty Tribute New Tab : It customizes your New Tab page with random Hello Kitty wallpapers. It’s cute but i don’t use it.

-Secondly, when i’m done with a site, i don’t like opening a new tab, or manually write an URL, i just like pressing the home button ! But it comes back to the default Google. So, the best way to change it, is using Stylish that is also compatible with Firefox. This plugin is the best to theme cause possibilities are endless and you can theme every website ! To install new theme on it, just click on your stylish icon, and create new style.

Google home

Search result

But if you’re lazy to theme your facebook with Stylish, there is also some other plugin available on Chrome Web Store.

I also use Fb color changer to make my Facebook just pink and it s still pretty ! 🙂

There is also this plugin called FB Chat layout that personnalizes your Facebook chat only, but not available anymore on Chrome Web Store (you can download it at the end of this article) but still here for Firefox ! Luckily, i’m very good for searching something i really want, and i finally found it ! But you can’t use it in the same time as a theme with Stylish excepted if you remove the css code that themes your chat box ! To install it, just hold it and move it on your chrome://extensions/

Keep in mind that the themes are only visible to you as someone who has the extension installed. It does not change the look of your Facebook profile for your other friends.

With Stylish you can also customize your cursor. You just need to copy past the cursor code in download into your stylish plugin :

Endly, if you’re sick of the default font of Google Chrome, just try this plugin : Font Force Custom. It changes the font of every website by the one you want !

Now your Google Chrome can be cuter and these plugins don’t make your browser slower or lag ! Also if you know other good plugins to add Hello Kitty or with Hello Kitty, you can post it in comment or PM 🙂

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