How to recognize a fake or pishing app

1) As you download my free or paid modded apps outside my site or my page, you exposed yourself to risks
2) Be carefully to the size of the app ! Facebook and Messenger are heavy apps and are about 40-70 mb, it depends of the version. So if you see a download link of facebook less than 5mb, u can be sure it’s a fake ! So always compare with the size of the original app
3) Girls like showing their theme or their modded apps as a pride ?
so if the screenshot to illustrate the apps is one of my page, it’s a fake !
4) If u see my paid mod apps for free, it’s a fake
5) Never download from a site with many ads
6) If it asks u to pay to release the app, it s a fake
7) Before installing an app, always check what permissions are asked
8) If you re rooted, always disable debugging when you surf the web or download an app
9) Use an anti virus and make an analysis of the app

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